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Infrared Imaging used as a Diagnostic/ Investigative Tool

The links below will show a variety of scenarios where Infrared Imaging was used to diagnose and/or discover deficiencies that were either very expensive to repair or identified before extreme damage and major expense was incurred.

Scenario 1; Infrared imaging used to determine water intrusion at improperly installed flashing at a roof/siding transition.

Scenario 2; Infrared imaging used to uncover water intrusion at drywall and windowsill inside a home.

Scenario 3; Infrared imaging used to determine structural cell fill on a concrete block home

 Scenario 4; Infrared imaging used to verify heat intrusion at a bathroom ceiling exhaust fan.

Scenario 5; Infrared imaging used to determine lack of or missing insulation in an exterior wall

Scenario 6; Infrared imaging used to determine water intrusion inside a wall cavity below a window inside a shower

Scenario # 7; Infrared imaging used to detect a refrigeration/duct leak inside a wall



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