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WDO & Termite Inspections

What is WDO?

WDO stands for "Wood Destroying Organisms" and includes everything from insect activity (termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, etc.) to wood damage due to water, fungi, and rot.

A WDO inspection identifies those areas of visually detectable deficiency resulting from insect activity, wood rot, and/or fungal growth in the home being inspected.


Who can do WDO & Termite Inspections?

Only those companies that are trained, state certified, state licensed, and meet state requirements in pest control and the field of chemical application can legally perform WDO & Termite Inspections. 


What is "full service"?

A full service pest control company will offer a wide variety of services & products, including but not limited to;


Pest Control Companies;

Pest control companies we have experience with that provide WDO inspection services and are "full service" are;

Your Realtor, family, and/or friends may also be a source to find a full service pest control company that performs WDO inspections.


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