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Infrared Thermal Imaging;

What is Infrared Thermography? 

Infrared cameras are the inspection assets  preferred by building experts for fast, reliable, accurate building diagnosis in the entire range of building problems, from post-catastrophe fire and flood investigations to chronic leaks, moisture, water intrusion, and insulation problems. 

Infrared cameras can find the ultimate source of a number of issues with little or no invasive measures and minimal disturbance or inconvenience to the homeowner 

Infrared Inspection;
In addition to the inspection process covering structure, roof, systems, etc. we conduct a building "envelope" inspection using infrared imaging with moisture testing (moisture meters) to validate any suspected moisture found with the infrared camera.

Infrared imaging technology allows for thermal (temperature) evaluation of the building and/or materials.  This technology does NOT see through walls or act as an "x-ray" device.

It takes extensive training and experience to learn to use the equipment and evaluate/interpret the data and images produced by thermal imaging equipment.  We currently use FLIR B-2 infrared thermal imaging cameras and our Infrared Technicians are Certified through the FLIR training program conducted by ITC, the Infrared Training Center.

Visit the "Photo Gallery" to view PDF files of the Infrared Thermal Imaging from actual inspections we have performed.

For additional technical info on the infrared process you can visit the equipment manufacturer's website at www.flirthermography.com

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