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Frequently Asked Questions;

Why choose an ASHI® certified home inspector? 

Not all membership or “certifying” organizations are the same.  Compare & choose a qualified ASHI® inspector.  

ASHI requirements for membership are;

¨  Verification that all reports, documents, and processes meet or exceed ASHI Standards & Code of Ethics,

¨  Pass proctored tests on skills & ethics (NOT open book or online),

¨  Have conducted at least 250 actual fee paid inspections (NOT mock inspections conducted online),

¨  Complete at least 20-hrs of continuing education each year,

¨  Conduct yourself and your business in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics.

¨  To protect the investment in your home it is important that you choose a fully insured, qualified home inspector.

Where can I find an ASHI® certified home inspector in my area? 

Go to www.ashi.org and choose "Find an Inspector".  You can perform a search by zip-code or name.

Can a house fail an inspection?

NO. An inspection is the examination of the current condition of the house, not a pass or fail process.  It is an inspection of the physical conditions, certain performance standards, and will indicate if repair or replacement of inspected items may be required.

When do I contact a home inspector? 

Resale Inspection; Most inspections during resale are on a contract driven timeline; typically all inspections must be completed within 10-days of the contract execution and all findings must be delivered within 5-days of the inspection.  Consult your contract, professional Realtor® and/or legal representative for specific timelines that are contract driven.

New Home Warranty Inspection; For purposes of your builder’s New Home Warranty plan, it is best to contact us 1-2 months prior to the ONE (1) YEAR anniversary of your closing date.  Most builder warranties require all deficiencies be reported prior to the closing anniversary date.  Consult your builder and/or the warranty documents they provided you at closing for specific timeline requirements.

New Construction Preclosing “Punch List” Inspection; For the purposes of a preclosing punch list for new construction the scheduling will need to be coordinated with your builder.  In most instances the builder will need copies of the inspector’s licenses, workers comp, and liability insurance certificates before they will allow the inspector on their property.  Make sure you enlist the services of a qualified, licensed and insured inspection service.

How are the inspection findings communicated? 

We will produce a comprehensive hardcopy report for your records, a summary letter for you, and picture pages outlining the inspection findings.  The summary & photos will be emailed (or faxed) within 24-hrs after the inspection to you, your Realtor®, your builder, and/or legal representative, and any other party you request.  The full hardcopy report is delivered to you via USPS Priority mail.

Do I have to be at the inspection?  

No, but it is advisable and highly recommended that you are. The advantages are that you will get first hand knowledge of the inspection process and findings as well as invaluable information and tips on care and maintenance of the systems and components of your home.  You will also find the written report easier to comprehend.

Should I expect my home inspector to submit bids to correct the deficiencies identified?

Absolutely not!  If your home inspector does this or indicates he/she is willing to contract to perform the work this is a direct conflict of interest and a violation of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as established by ASHI® (The American Society of Home Inspectors).

Do I need a home warranty on the house I'm buying? 

All systems and equipment have a "statistical" life expectancy.  For example Heat Pump systems "typically" last 12-15 years, Water Heaters 10-12 years, and so on.  Your inspection report should give you a pretty good idea on age and serviceability of the major components of the home and you can judge if the warranty may be of value.  Many sellers offer a home warranty as a marketing tool; you may wish to ask about one as part of the sales contract.

Where can I find information on a home warranty protection plan?

Ask your real estate professional about availability & pricing, your agent may be able to provide this information to you prior to closing.  Three home warranty plans we are aware of are (in no particular order);

¨  American Home Shield,  1-800-247-4749 or www.ahswarranty.com

¨  Old Republic, 1-800-445-6999 or www.orhp.com

¨  1st American Home Buyers Protection Corp; 1-800-444-9030 or www.homewarranty.firstam.com


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