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Chinese Drywall;

Recent events in the housing industry have brought to light issues regarding the presence of drywall manufactured in China used in homes built between 2003-2007.  The drywall causes issues that may require remediation to one degree or another and there's a probability that class action litigation will be initiated

Although the investigation of this product is ongoing and NO conclusions have been drawn as of 05/09 it is important to understand how you as a homeowner may be effected.

ALERT; do not jump to conclusions, assume facts not in evidence, or panic.  As in any “crisis” situation a few unscrupulous contractors, inspection, and remediation companies will use fear to drive business, especially when NOT ALL THE FACTS are known

Below are links to information that will educate and inform you on the issues thus far.

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Printable Information Document; Chinese Drywall in NE Florida; Statistics, Identification (photos), Issues, Testing Methods, Recommended Actions, and Contact/Resource info

Support/Resource Information;

Florida Governor  letter to the Federal EPA & CDC; link to letter

Florida Dept of Agriculture & Consumer Services;

Florida Attorney General;



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